Crowley in the Classroom

I walked into my eighth-grade classroom and found this written on the chalkboard.



Many home room teachers in Japan like to write an inspirational quote for their students on the chalk board. They’ll leave it on the board all day for the students to think about.

 Imagine my surprise to see a quote from Aleister Crowley on the board! The “most wicked man in the world” himself! The direct translation of the quote on the board is, “The world is like a mirror. To change it, change yourself.” That isn’t exactly the quote, though. I believe the exact quote is, “The world of magic is a mirror. If you see muck, you’re muck.”

 But the meaning remains intact, doesn’t it? I’m pretty sure the teacher found it on a quote website and isn’t that familiar with Crowley. I’m also certain that, in typical Japanese fashion, the quote was purposely stripped of references to witchcraft and made to sound more positive. Well, pretty much stripping it of anything Crowley. And that’s a foul on my playground. But it’s still a worthy thought for young people to think about.

 I’m not a big believer in the power of positive thinking. I don’t think I can believe myself into nice house. But I do believe that my perception of the outer world reflects what’s happening within. I’m certain that certain people read a holy text and see divine mercy and universal love, while others see only hellfire and damnation. Same texts, different inner mechanisms. Religion and political opinions really are a mirror of a person’s inner world.

 Keep Crowley in the Classroom.

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