I am privileged to live in Kuma County in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan. It’s my favorite place on Earth. I’ve been here for more than a decade and I’m a permanent resident. I plan to live the rest of my life here. I have a wife and son, both of whom I can’t imagine life without. I’m an assistant English teacher at all the public schools (K-9) in two small, rural towns, Sagara and Itsuki, and teach English out of my home at night to over 50 students. Living in rural Japan has profoundly changed me in many ways and I would like to share this amazing, beautiful place with you. This blog is dedicated to my life here in Kuma County but not only that, these days it’s too easy to dwell on the brutish, ignorant side of human nature. Without pretending that side of humanity doesn’t exist and escaping into a bubble, I would like to use this blog to also remind ourselves of humanity’s beauty and brilliance.

Reality is vast.

Thanks for giving your time and checking this out!